Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prep Day

If yesterday was planning day, then today was prep day! All the food for the week was bought. All the lunches for the week are portioned out. All the ingredients for dinner are prepped and ready for tomorrow night.

I also bought a pedometer today on the advice of a friend. The package challenges to try and take 10,000 steps a day. Since 5 pm today, just around the house, I have taken over 1,600 steps! 10,000 seems very doable.

I am ready for tomorrow. First weigh-in. First measurements. First day of posting food and exercise. First day of true accountability for my actions. I am full of mixed emotions. Excited. Scared. Optimistic. Fearful. But most of all, encouraged! I am so blessed to have my friends. I have already received so many positive responses from my first couple of posts. Your encouragement and prayers is what will keep me going when it gets hard, when I want to quit. I thank you all so much! Check in tomorrow....DAY ONE!


  1. So proud of you! You're doing it! Yea! Did you find a Magic Bullet today? When does the treadmill arrive?

  2. I didn't find the Magic Bullet, but I did find something similar, just a different brand and bought that. I actually used it to make my dinner today. I don't know when the treadmill arrives. I got an email saying it shipped, but so far I can't track it. I am hoping sooner rather than later so I can get in a routine!