Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Tonight's random workout was Cardioke! What is Cardioke you ask? It is a cardio dance workout and karaoke in one! You learn fun dance routines and are encouraged to sing along to the music (they even play the words at the bottom of the screen, just like karaoke!) At one point there was even a made up song with words to help you remember the dance moves! This workout was so cheesy and so much fun! Billy Blanks Jr. (son of Billy Blank's - you probably remember him from his workout craze...Tae Bo) has put together this great workout to songs that everyone knows. We had so much fun doing this video, laughing at some of the cheesiness, talking about the people dancing in the background, and the cool down...well, you will just have to do it yourself to witness that! I couldn't believe how fast the 3o minutes seemed to fly by! I would tell you to check it out if you have On Demand, but sadly, it said today was the last day. I think there was a second one, which I will have to check out. The workout was great, and we both definitely broke a good sweat. I would have to say, this is one of my new favorite ways to get in 30 minutes of cardio!

Below is my food from today. Be sure to check back tomorrow because I should be doing another random workout then! Stay tuned...

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