Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is It Over Yet?!?

So, remember how in yesterday's post I talked about how my stove didn't work last night? Well, after discussing the situation with a co-worker, it was decided that the reason my stove wouldn't heat up is because, most likely, that my pilot light was out (not unlike your hot water heater). We then looked up how to re-light it to see if I thought I could do it myself. As I walked in the door, there was an overwhelming gas smell that met me as I entered! Because the pilot light isn't lit, the gas is just escaping into the air. I immediately opened all the windows, turned on a fan, trying for the house to air out. So, after about an hour of panic, not being able to turn it off, being scared that the house was going to blow up, and thoughts of calling the fire department....I talked to a couple of friends and figured out, finally, how to get the gas off.

Due to all the panic, I didn't end up working out today. I need make sure I work out all weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!! Hopefully this week can break the one pound a week pattern. Below is my food for the day. I made a couple new sweet treats yesterday and today. I will try and post at least once this weekend and give the recipes.

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