Thursday, October 22, 2009


Since the disaster of pancake making, I bought a cheap waffle maker to try and use my pancake mix that way instead. Tonight was the first attempt, and I would say it was mostly a success. The first ones didn't turn out too firm, so I decided to pop them in the toaster, and that actually worked out quite nicely. I did discover though, that I didn't think they were too feeling. Thank goodness I could have IheartYogurt for dessert! They have so many different flavors that average 22 calories an ounce. I had enough calories for 9.5 ounces and tried to guesstimate and went a little over at 11.5 (they weigh it for you and that is how you pay), so 44 extra calories, not too bad.

Tomorrow I am off to Waco for Baylor homecoming! I am ready for a fun weekend away with old friends. I know there will be tempting foods and foods that I am unsure of the calories I will try to be careful! Hopefully on Monday I will have an ok weigh in and fun pictures to share! Have a great weekend!

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