Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vacation Recap - Day One

I finally got my pictures downloaded from the trip, so I thought I would do a recap with a few pictures for each day.

Saturday morning, my sister, Mary, and her boyfriend, Hieko, picked up my friend, Marissa, and I at the airport. After we went and dropped our luggage off and cleaned up, we were on our way to Greenwich, a borough in south east London, best know for being the home of the Prime Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time. Our first stop was the University of Greenwich/Trinity College of Music. These buildings have had an interesting history, starting originally as the Palace of Placentia in the 15th century (Henry VIII was born there!) to the Royal Naval Hospital for Sailors (designed by Sir Christopher will hear more about him when we talk about St. Paul's) and then the Royal Naval College in 1873.

Royal Naval College

Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College

After touring there, we stopped for a quick lunch and then headed up the hill to the Royal Observatory. The Observatory was commissioned in 1675 by King Charles II. The original building was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and was the first "scientific research facility" in Britian. We toured the Observatory learning about the Prime Meridian, astronomy, and time and how all three elements work together.

Mary in front of the Prime Meridian

The Weather Vein at the Observatory

Below is my food for today. I had a Skinny Cow Truffle Bar for dessert for another 100 calories. I was a little under, but I am not too sure my lunch calculations are right, so I figure they will probably balance out.

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