Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting Back on Track

Finally this evening I am starting to feel a little more back to normal. That means working out tomorrow....NO EXCUSES! I must admit after all the walking and stairs on the trip, I have enjoyed having a few days off, but now it is time to get back on track and get back in to the routine of working out!

I am still playing catch up on all the TV I missed while I was gone, and I watched Biggest Loser tonight from last night. It was a great episode, and of course, I cried like I do almost every time. It was great to see all of the contestants pull together and encourage each other at the end of their challenge. It was also great to see Sean show Jesus's love and compassion to another contestant after a hard week. Both were great reminders to me today. First off, how lucky I am to have the same love and support by my friends and family here and the players have for each other and the show. And second, to remind me to show Jesus's love to others, whether I am happy with them or not, whether I agree with their actions or not.

Below is my food for the day...

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