Sunday, September 6, 2009

Canton Sunday!

Today was a day with the girls, spent mostly at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. If you don't know what First Monday is, well, it is often referred to as The World's Largest Garage Sale or Flea Market. I read on one website that there are 28 miles of aisles and pavilions to shop through, and after today, I believe it! I wore my pedometer to track our walking, and as I am sitting here tonight, my pedometer reads 29,196!!! For those of you keeping up, about 2,000 steps is a mile...which means we walked about 14 miles (more or less)! That is crazy! After Canton, we also ran up to the Allen Outlet Malls, so there was more walking done there, but the majority was done at Canton. That being said, I also decided that I didn't need to walk on my treadmill now that I am home. I am pretty sure I got enough walking in today!
Canton is also a place of very dangerous, State Fair-type foods (think funnel cakes, turkey legs, fried Twinkies, you get the idea), so I decided it would be smart to pack my own food. Our traditional Canton trips always start with a breakfast trip to McDonald's, where I got the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (160 calories). My packed lunch and snacks consisted of: a banana (105), an Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Clif bar (240), 2 oz cashews (320), and a Nutz over Chocolate Luna Bar (180)...totaling 1000 calories for the majority of my day. I just finished dinner of a turkey and cheese sandwich (295) and a coke (140) making my daily count 1,435. I am debating on having an ice cream bar later (100) which will just barely put me over the daily calories, but with all those steps walked, I think it is ok!
Don't forget to check in tomorrow for the first weight loss results! Finger's crossed!!

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