Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to The Real World

After a week off from work, today I was back to the grind. Coming back from vacation is never fun, and apparently, I needed to be reminded about that in every way car is in the shop (and so far they don't know what is wrong with it!), and my blowdryer and straightener both decided to quit working! So, after work, I picked up a rental car, quickly followed by a run into Target to get a new blowdryer and straightener! I am hoping nothing else decides to break on me!

As you can see from the title, today was weigh in day. I am happy to say I was down another 3 pounds! I am glad that vacation didn't completely ruin my progress! Really, this is a two week total as I didn't weigh in last Monday since I was gone. On vacation I didn't try and count calories. I really just payed attention to portions. I also did a lot of walking! I wore my pedometer every day but one (it was an early morning and I completely forgot!). I will post more about my vacation and what we did each day, along with pictures as the week goes on. But for today, we have the steps totals for each day:

Saturday: 16, 461 (appx. 8.2 miles) - half travel day
Sunday: 20,808 (appx. 10.4 miles)
Monday: unknown (this is the day I forgot, but I think it should be similar to Tuesday)
Tuesday: 22, 245 (appx. 11.1 miles)
Wednesday: 11,753 (appx. 5.9 miles) - half travel day
Thursday: 18,854 (appx. 9.4 miles)
Friday: 13,820 (appx. 6.9 miles) - half travel day
Saturday: 19,266 (appx. 9.6 miles)

Total for the trip (including 20,000 estimate for Monday): 143, 207 steps or approximately 71.6 miles!!

Below is my food for today. I didn't work out as I seem to have caught something at the end of my trip. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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