Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Two

Day two was good. Day two was easier. Today was the first venture eating out for lunch, and I must say, I LOVE Chick-fil-A!! I have always loved CFA, but today, I had a new appreciation for them. Not only do they have great food, they have so many healthy options. Even better, they have a website that gives the nutrition information for all items (including condiments!) and a meal calculator that allows you to compile all your food for total calories, fat, everything! Such a handy tool. I love places that understand that people are watching what they eat, and any tool that can help with that is such a bonus and takes the stress out of decision making. There is no guess work, it is all right there for you.

I got this flyer the last time I was at CFA, so if you are looking for somewhere quick to eat on Labor Day, check it out!!

I think I figured out a better way to do my food list today, so hopefully this is easier for everyone to read! A new addition today are the goals for calories, fat, and fiber. As you can see, when I did this list, I had a deficit of 65 calories, but no fat left. I realize it is important to eat all my calories, but I was struggling with what I could have. Once I got home, I found the solution...Fat Free Chocolate Milk from Skinny Cow! Not only does it fill in the missing calories, I get chocolate and calcium! I deem that a success!!

Today I walked another 1.25 miles. I didn't wear my pedometer today...haven't quite figured out what to do when I wear a dress to work! The best part about today's walk, I got to share it with a friend! We decided that each week we would do something one day together. Such a fun thing! Trying different work outs, getting to hang out, and motivating each other. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Oh, and treadmill update...it gets delivered on Friday! This is two weeks before the "expected delivery date"! If you can't tell, I am a little excitied about it! So, Saturday will be a fun time figuring out how to put it together. I am sure there will be pictures of that event, so get ready!!

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